2020’s Top 50 Paint Colors

You’ve been staring at that wall inside your house for long enough.  You’ve made the decision.  It’s final.  There’s no going back: You’re going to paint it (maybe even all of them)!

Now that you’ve decided and committed, the next question comes to mind: What color?

Light gray? Dark gray?  Something trendy?  Something bright?  Something fun?  There are so many questions and don’t blame you, because there are so many options.

Dietrich Homes would like to help you figure it out.  Choosing paint colors for walls is one the processes and selections we get to go through with every home builder.  With that being said, we’ve painted a lot of walls and we’ve seen a lot of paint colors.  If you answered the question above with “Something fun!” or “Something trendy!” we’ll start doing by showing you 2020’s Color of the Year.  If you want to refresh your home’s color and personality, we’ll then take you through Sherwin-Williams’ top 50-selling paint colors that includes a few of our favorite go-to shades.

2020 Color of the Year
Naval (SW 6244)
Sherwin-Williams’ rich navy color creates a calm and quiet environment while still offering the punch of confidence and bright you’re looking for.  It’s clean and dark base creates an opportunity for homeowners to blend it with materials and accents in white (marble!) and gold, giving a nod to classic, Art Deco look and appeal.

Below, we’ve taken one of the home’s we built and added Sherwin-Williams’ Naval paint color.  Check out the before and after.  Which do you prefer?

Naval Color Combinations

Along with shimmery white marble and metallic gold accents, consider using these three paint colors with Sherwin-Williams’ Navy.  Tarnished Trumpet and Midday will help bring warmth to the navy’s boldness and Kale Green will bring the color of nature into your palette that will give your home a fresh and down-to-earth presence.

Top 50 Paint Colors (Sherwin-Williams)
If Naval isn’t your thing, you’ll surely find the perfect color amongst Sherwin-Williams’ 50 most popular colors for 2020.  To help in your selection, we’ve marked our top 10 favorites in the swatches below.