The Dietrich Price is the Set Price

We take the fear out of custom home building.

Forget about the 10-20 percent cost increase everyone says you should expect when you build your dream home or renovate

your existing house into your dream home. When we quote you a price, that’s the price. No surprises.

We’re able to stick to that because we go to great lengths to specify everything at the very beginning, down to the smallest details. From concrete depths to custom-built cabinets, from specific electrical outlet locations to paint colors and floor coverings, bids are qualified and prices are secured so you know precisely what you’re paying for and exactly what you’re going to get. Here’s a list of our standard features.

The only person who can change the price is you.

The price also includes everything. Appliances, decks, landscaping, window coverings, theater audio/video – they’re all in the planning and the pricing, and they’ll be in your home when you walk into it the first time.