What You Don’t See Makes a Difference

Your home is an investment of your time, money and energy. 

When you build a home that requires very little maintenance, performs well in our climate, protects you from preventable problems, and stands the test of time, then you’ve spent your time, money and energy well.


Good home design requires building performance and longevity into home specifications that exceed code requirements. That’s why there are certain items we simply will not compromise on, best practices that take the bones of your home well beyond code. 


Details like full-foundation digs and full-depth pea rock under the entire concrete floor so ground water can move to your drainage system and keep your basement dry. Spray foam on your concrete walls for better insulation that also seals your walls and prevents mold. High-efficiency HVAC systems that save energy. Five-inch-thick driveways instead of four-inch for longer life. The most energy-efficient windows and doors available….


We’ll be happy to tell you more. 


These are the kinds of things we always do to make your Dietrich home – be it custom Design-Build or Renovate – a sound investment for generations.