Original Designs. Just Like You.

Your custom-designed new home should be unique, just as you are. Like an original work of art, it should be beautiful in a way that only it can be. Your way.

Every individualized Dietrich home starts with a blank page. Then we build the structure beyond code and fill it with whatever you can imagine.

We invest time in getting to know you, your tastes, style, functional needs – everything that will make your home you – right up front. We channel what we learn into a structural design that’s unique, in the truest sense of the word. Distinctiveness carries forward from there as we work side by side with you on the interior and exterior details. We’ll keep you fully informed through every stage, and once construction begins you’ll be welcome to visit the project site to see your vision come to life. 

This includes new construction and rebuilds (a.k.a. “infills”) – From demolition to design to construction, we’ll work with you to build your dream home from the ground up.

Imagine anything you want, and our team will design and build it, just the way you want it. 

While no two custom-built Dietrich homes are the same, some things remain consistent: an easy, enjoyable process, consummate professionals who are easy to work with, the finest craftsmanship in the region, extreme attention to detail and unrivaled quality inside and out.

The result is an energy-efficient, low-maintenance, high-performance original showpiece that’s solidly you, through and through.

Design-Build Process


Our Homebuilding Process is All-Inclusive. That Includes You.

The first step is to sit down together. You’ll get to know our design team, we’ll get to know you, and we’ll start talking about your dream home. We will:

• Discuss your expectations for your home and your homebuilder.
• Outline our process.
Dig deep into what you want in a home. This will include the size of the structure, room sizes, furnishings, your interior decorating tastes and so on.
• Discuss your budget and give you some general ideas of where we feel your project will come in building costs based on our conversation. 

To ensure your custom home project is designed and built to perfection requires collaboration with our designers, CAD team and you. 
We’ll ask you to save photos of interiors and exteriors you like so we get a sense of your tastes and preferences and can integrate them into the design. It’s most helpful if you keep folders for each room – kitchen, bathroom, primary bedroom, living room, dining room – including the types of windows you like, rooflines you prefer and so on. 

As our initial interview defines what you’re looking for, during the plan design we will bring those ideas to life.

Once you’ve selected a plan, we’ll help you choose a lot that accentuates its strengths. The lot might be one we own already, or it can be a lot that’s available from one of the many land developers we work with.

Once you’ve settled on a lot, we’ll acquire it and take care of all the closing details.

Our design consultant will work with you to select products (paint colors, flooring, fixtures, cabinets, appliances, etc.). We’ll spend time with you looking at product samples in our office and accompany you to stores and showrooms to select all the products you need and want in your home. We’ll ask you to save pictures of interiors and exteriors you like so we get a sense of your tastes and preferences and can integrate them into the design.

Our experienced CAD expert will place the building plans on the lot you have selected and we’ll review all of the following:

• How the home is placed on the lot
• Orientation to the surroundings
• Exterior elevations of all four sides
• Exterior masonry and siding styles
• Interior floor plans
• Interior cabinetry elevations
• Fireplace elevations and placement
• Window wall and stair sections
• Foundation and structural plans
• Garage details and specifications

We include the smallest details so you can see exactly what everything in each room will look like. We also include all the structural plans our builders and sub-contractors need to construct your home to the high standards of Dietrich Homes.

We’ll sort through all the alternatives until we have it just right. Then we’ll create a building book so you can see it all together.

The result of Step #7 is a comprehensive ring binder that includes everything related to your house – building plans, section views, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, appliances, hardware, tile, flooring, decks, stairs, exterior finishes and on and on.

Every. Single. Thing.

We’ll meet with you to go through the building plans and design book. We will make any changes you request and prepare the documents for soliciting bids.

We solicit bids for everything in the building book. When we get them back, we double check every single bid to ensure every vendor quoted exactly what we specified. Then we present the final numbers to you.

When you’re satisfied with everything in your building book and the quoted prices, including allowances, we’ll write a contract. We require your signature, a down payment and approved financing before commencing construction.

We start excavation, pouring foundations and framing. For rebuilds, we handle demolition of the full structure, then move on to any necessary excavation, pour foundations and frame it up.

We walk you through the structure at key points, such as following framing and doing a pre-electrical walk-through. You’re also welcome to visit your home in progress. Just call so we can set up a time that is safe for you to be on site.

We’ll do a final walk-through prior to closing to ensure we’ve met all your expectations. During the walk-through, we’ll go over all your home’s systems so you know how to operate everything. At closing, we’ll finalize the sale and give you everything you need, including the keys to your dream. Welcome home!

Our relationship will continue long after you move in. If you ever need anything we can provide or help with, whether it’s three months or 15 years later, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll do everything in our power to help.